Sri TMS 87th Birthday Special

TMS at Sourth Africa Concert. Sri TMS is celebrating his 87th birthday today (March 23rd 2010). To celebrate Sri TMS's birthday, new items are added as listed below. Also let us all pray God to bless Sri TMS with good health and long life.

1) Videos from Mr Balan Nair: Mr Balan Nair is a core TMS fan and he had collected rare video footage of Sri TMS concerts from various places like, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and other places. He is very generous to share those videos with other TMS fans (Vist the videos page). Couple of videos from Mr Balan Nair is listed under Videos section. Also Mr Balan Nair is very eager to share his thoughts and views about Sri TMS. Please see Mr Balan Nair's note at the end of this page.

2) The following 5 karnatic songs are added under the concerts page (The new item can be identified by a new flag).

  • 1 Niravadhi Sugadha - Tyagarajar Krithi
  • 2 Talaye Nee Vanangai - Thirugnana Sambandar Thevaram
  • 3 Marubalka - Tyagarajar Krithi
  • 4 Sri Maha Ganapathi - MuthuSwami Diksidar Krithi
  • 5 Ullam Urugudaiya (in Long karnatic style)

A note from Mr Balan Nair

Dear T.M.S.Fans of the entire world!!!

Today 23-3-2010.The 87 the birthday of our beloved TMS Ayya.

I am blessed by God Almighty to get connection with Mr.GhanesaMoorthy,who is the current web-sit administrator of Padakar Thilakam,Indian Kural Arasar, kalaimamani,Padmasri,Dr.T.M. Soundarajan.

T.M.S.,the legendary,top rated, veteran, playback singer in Tamil Cinema Industry in the yester years. His debut in the film industry was in the year 1946 at the age of 23 and his last film song was recorded in the year 1996 at the age of 73 for a title song produced by Shivaji productions for serious political movie acted by Shivaji.

Wow!!! 50 years of active presence in the film world with several thousands of stage program in the entire world. Over 10171 Tamil film songs,2634 devotional, light music and other language film songs recorded in his record. After 1993, he had appeared in few albums, but stage show -even now in 2010!!!Forget "Valiban Chuttum Ulakam"This is only a dream project now.

(The above source of informations,all are from Singapore) In late 40's,the Indian film industry was in it's primary stage, where most of the film songs were based on religious and historical background and specially south Indian film songs were purely carnatic with dramatic emotions. Moreover, the technical perfection and support specially in the play back field was very poor including the sound effect and all what we have in the hands of A.R.Rehman and others. TMS came up with his own identity at this circumstance in late 1940's.

After the era of MKT. Bhagavathar,PU. Chinnappa,SG.Kittappa, MM. Dendapani Deshikar,KB Sunderambal,etc. in late 40's and early 50's,a lot of singers came up in south Indian film industry. Some of them are CS. JayaRaman,Seerghazi, Thiruchi Lokhanathan,AM Raja,Ghantasala,PB Sreenivas,Tharapuram Sundararajan,Veeramani,Balamuralikrishna,AL Raghavan,T.R Mahalingam and many more!!!. With the due respect to all those singers,TMS came up as outstanding singer among all and became an inevitable playback singer in southern film industry. Even several national award winners like KJ.Yesudas and S.P. B. came to Tamil Cinema industry in the year 1966 and 1967 respectively, but none of them dominated until TMS aged over 65,irrespective of several cinematic politics occurred to replace TMS from the film industry.

Unfortunately,TMS was not recognized at national level, which is one of the greatest mistake of Indian cinema industry. Based on the result oriented efforts, honestly no one can say that he is not better than several national award winners like KJY,SPB,Jayachandran,MG Sreekumar,Kumar Sanu,Mohd Rafi.etc.In my opinion, Tamil cinema industry was making the best use of TMS with no reward. Once, I have written to the President of India, with a copy to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,to review the actual career and the best result of TMS to consider him for a national level recognition like Bahrata Ratna,Dhada Bhalke award and I had a positive reply from both destinations, but till now, nothing worked out and it is too late for a national award to him.

Therefore, I request all Fans to show your efforts in all level to the Govt. to recognize our beloved TMS.This is my personal request....pls......

Moreover, in the late 80's and early 90's, there was a group of people in Tamil Cinema industry made extra efforts to replace TMS singing in the film and as a result, we, music lovers lost a lot of anticipated songs expected to sing by TMS.

To my opinion,Ilayaraja is a good music director, buy he didn't give songs to good singers like TMs and Vani Jeyaram. Every one knows that Illayaraja had a prejudiced approach. He was able to establish the "importance and role" of a music director in the cinema indsutry.That makes him outstanding!!!,Therefore, we know KJY, SPB,Mano,KS Chitra,Jayachandran and many more singers .through the music of IlayaRaja.

where as,

we know Kannadasan,Maruthakasi,Vali,KVM,MSV,Rama Moorthi,V Kumar, Lingappa and many more through the voice of TMS.That makes TMS outstanding too!!!

Scientifically, the singer's voice are mainly classified in to six categories:-

1."Bass"- low pitch for male singers -similar voice of Saigal,Mukesh, P.B.Sreenivas,etc.

2."Baritone"-little higher pitch for male singers-similar to KishoreKumar,SPB, Jayachandran etc.

3."Tenor"-the low tenor and high tenor for male singers-similar KJ. Yesudas.MM.Dendapani Deshikar, P.U.Chinnaappa, UdhyaBhanu etc.

4."Alto"- very high pitch for male singers similar to female voice-like MKT Bhagavathar,and many more in the olden days, even Michael Jackson, westerners love this voice more than any other tone.

5."Mezzosoprano" for female singers-similar to P.Susheela,Usha Mangeshkar etc.

6."High Soprano" for female singers-similar to Lata Mangheshkar,S.Janaki, KS.Chitra,etc.

Now look, where TMS stand in the above category, in the initial stage,TMS was in the "Alto" category follow with MKT and eventually changed to high tenor and even to low tenor. He can go to any range from "Bass" to "Alto" without any difficulty. There was only one more singer in the same category in the north India,ie.Mohd Rafi,only with the exception that Rafi cannot sing southern carnatic music, whereTMS can sing Hindustani very comfortably.

To me and many more, there are/were only four playback singers in the Indian film industry: in the north,:- Mohd Rafi and Lata and in south, TMS and.Susheela, the rest of them are just singers only, just singers. May be this is exaggeration.But this is a fact.

Fortunately, I was able to collect few rare video and audio collections of TMS stage show during my travel to New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia,Singapore,Dubai,Kuwait and even from Oman. Unfortunately some of those rare collections were lost during the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait in the year 1990.The rest of them, I have given to Mr.Ghanesh Moorthy,who will release shortly in the web site of Padakar Thilakam.TMS.for his fans to enjoy.

(By the way, some of the playback singers and their fans claim that they have sung more than fifty thousand songs, which is not true.!!! eg.S.P.B in a television interview claims that he sang over 35000 songs. The Fan of Yesudas claim that he sang over 50000,Mohd Rafi fans claim that he sang over 26000 songs,Lata Mangeshkar fans claim that she sang over 37000 songs,P. Susheela fans claim that she sang over 35000 songs-

These are vague notions without proper data base. Once the Guinness book authorities requested to give proper data for many singers and unfortunately, none of them able to produce documentary evidence and as a result, none of them were listed in the Guinness book.

It is not even logic??? assume a singer sang very actively for the past 40 years and may be 100 films in a year and average 4 songs in one film and assume after completing forty years of successful singing, he or she would have reached maximum 16000 songs only. Unfortunately no one was singing actively for the past forty years. It is impossible, hence all the data provided by singers or their fans are not realistic)

By the way, I did not introduce myslef.Unfortunately, I am not from Tamil Nadu or Tamil oriented culture or base and I cannot speak/read, write or understand Tamil language properly, but I know Tamil from the majestic voice of TMS.. I am from Kerala, working in the middle east as an area manager of a leading bank and settled in New Zealand. for the past 35 years. my e-mail address is

Sincerely with due respect to all Fans, Singers, and Music Directors
Balan Nair

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