Various Bhavam and Moods in Movie Songs

TMS is famous for his excellent and marvellous pronunciation of Tamil words at right bhavam for a given situation. Here are some songs to show TMS's great talent. Though there are thousands of songs available, I selected only some due to disk space limitations.

Song Name Mood Type Description
Muthai Tharu Good Tamil-Content and Murugan Bhakthi song from the movie Arunagirinadhar. This is a song for TMS's extraordinary Tamil rendering and bhakthi.
Gopiyar Konjum Ramana Good Bhakthi song from Thirumal Perumai. Good Bhakthi and classical song.
Sabari Malaiyil Vanna Good Bhakthi song from Swami Aiyappan. Good Bhakthi and melting song on Aiyappan rendered in Anandha Bhairavi Ragam.
Ulagam Pirandadu Happy mood and Positive thinking. When you are happy, you feel like everything around you is for you to enjoy. Here is a hero thinks about the world and nature.
Oli Mayamana Happy mood and Positive thinking Another hero feels pleasure by thinking positve about life. No matter you are rich or poor, you feel happy and content on listening this song.
Thai Illamal Nan Illai Love and Affection A song to describe mother, mother nature, God and Nation.
Mella Mella Arugil Love and romantic Here is how a hero thinks about romance with his fiancee.
Yeri Karaiyin Mele Love and excitement A hero talks to his lover.
Endan Pon Vanname Love and Affection. This is to show the brother and sister affection.
Nee Enge Enn Ninaivugal Love and Affection A song to depict the separated lovers.
Mera Nam Abdul Rehman Self decipline and Advice to adults A good song to depict self doctrine. The song is like a lion's roar.
Kan Poona pokkile Advice to Adult This is a good song on advice on culture and social behaviour.
Naan Yen Pirenden Patriotism A good song to show patriatism.
Nalla Nalla Pillaigalai Nambi Advice to Kids A good song to advice future generation.
Nalla Perai Vanga Vendum Advice to Kids A good song to advice kids.
Thambikku Oru Pattu Advice to Kids A good song to advice kids.
Thangangale Nalai Thalaivargale Advice to Kids A good song to advice kids.
Devane Ennai Parungal Sad and Prayer A good song to show TMS's voice to the situation.
Pallakku Vanga Ponen Sad A love failure song.
Sodhanai Mel Sodhanai Sad Grief A sad song to depict family problem and depression.
Yarai Nambi Naan Piranden Sad but Challenge. A good song to dipict Sad feeling and positive outlook.
Yen Pirandai Magane Lullaby A poor man got a baby.
Vellai Manam Konda Lullaby A poor man's lullaby.